Screen Cleaner

Tech-savvy businesses have entered the digital age with touchscreens, hand-held devices, VDU displays and self-service screens. These devices can be tricky to clean and users want the surfaces they interact with to be clean, hygienic and easy-to-view. Sani Professional Screen Clean Wipes offer the perfect solution and have been specifically designed to for all digital-device creens that are used every day - engineered to apply the perfect amount of liquid to the surface and are made from non-linting, supersoft cloth. Screen Clean Wipes are the easy-to-use, super-fast drying and smear-free.

Teat Wipes

Heavy duty, pre-impregnated wipes for cleaning, disinfecting and general preparation of the udder

Disinfectant Flexican

Eco-friendly packaging reduces overall weight by 60% , available in a cost-effective wall bracket, designed to make dispensing easy and reduce costs.

Disinfectant Wipes Bucket

For cleaning and disinfecting food service and food processing surfaces. Compliant with the latest EU standards (EN1276, EN1650, EN13697, EN14476) with a super-fast kill time of 30 seconds.