Our Story

Sani Professional®, started in the USA in 1985, is a purpose driven company with the desire to prevent infection at every stage of food delivery; from the farm, through food processing and right onto the plate.

By preventing infections we protect the consumer and enhance the reputation of your business and your offer. We take pride in supporting hard working people who work in all aspects of food manufacturing, food processing and food service.

We offer an array of disposable, pre-measured, pre-moistened state-of-the-art wipe solutions for your operation. Our extensive product portfolio complies with European legislation, meeting the highest food industry safety standards.


Our wipes reduce waste to landfill and therefore cost and cross contamination through our single sheet dispensing. Each wipe can be used four times, by folding, and then turning them inside out, reducing the amount used whilst still killing 99.999% of bacteria. In comparison to food service providers using micro-fibre reusable cloths, the FSA has said they must be washed every time after using them with raw meat/poultry, eggs or raw vegetables AND surfaces that have touched these foods. This uses a considerable amount of water and energy, therefore, making them just as harmful for the environment. To read more about this issue, see our News section.

Being an industry leader and an outstanding corporate citizen includes a strong sustainability program. To this end we are committed to delivering products which reduce energy efficiency, water impact, reducing landfill, material efficiency.

In our range we have wipers made from sustainable fibres and many of our wipers are made in whole or in part from plant-based fibres including wood pulp. Sani-Professional has invested heavily in new, exciting flexible packaging formats designed to transform the market, fundamentally reducing solid waste into landfill and helping our customers to meet their environmental targets.